Sensor Resources

Air Quality Sensor Kit:

IMG_2837 (1)(2)






Air Quality Sensor Arduino Code (pdf)

Air Quality Sensor Kit Components:

Arduino ethernet:

Grove Base shield

Grove Dust Sensor

Grove Gas Sensor (MQ-2

Grove RGB LCD display:

Power Supply 9V 1A

Micro SD Card 16 GB

Box to contain the Sensor:


Air Quality Sensor Iterations Created by the Community

Monitoring air quality in San Diego with the Shinyei PPD24NS particle sensor plus Arduino Mega

Mega_dust_gas_sd_rtc_lcd_fan_bignum_loess_bam (2015-08-21).ino (Arduino C++ sourcecode)

Places to purchase sensor components:

Sensor Journalism Resources:

Wikipedia Article on Sensor Journalism

Tow Report on Sensor Journalism

Sensor Journalism Hashtag on Twitter

Sensor Journalism News List on Twitter


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