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Website Analytics, Social Media Strategy and More

Lily Bui

Lily Bui presenting to the class on sensor journalism.

With only a few weeks left in the semester, we are coming to the final stages of our project.

This week we had the opportunity to have Lily Bui, MIT researcher, present to us virtually about sensor journalism.

She gave a great presentation on how we can understand this developing area of journalism along with its quirks and possibilities. You can view her complete presentation here:

We also covered website strategy and analytics this week. Specifically I discussed this week about SEO strategy, creating benchmarks for your website, and how to understand website analytics. The students broke out into groups and identified keywords and website stats they would like to see implemented in our What’s in the Air section on the inewsource site.

In addition, we also covered social media strategy and analytics. Nowadays, a reporter can no longer expect that the public will just automatically view and read their stories just because they are published.

A reporter and news organization needs to have a clear plan of how they will launch and announce their news story or project, how to tell if the story or project is connecting and resonating with the public, and how to bring the public into that process and engage with them.

This week the students also continued to work on the final touches of their news stories and completed their sensor data observations in the neighborhoods they have been covering for the semester. We are excited for the next step in mapping the data and also publishing the stories on the inewsource website soon!



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