Air quality observations, GIS and journalism

kevin robinson lecture

Kevin Robinson giving some geology pointers to the class.

This week was a blast! We had the opportunity to discuss this week the role of GIS in journalism and where environmental news can be explored from this perspective. Using sensors for environmental monitoring, one can see the potential of using GIS as a newsgathering and reporting tool.  We referenced this text in our discussions this week – a blog post by Richard Bedford that details the impact and importance of GIS in journalism today. Kevin Robinson, geologist and co-teacher in this course, gave a great primer on the history of GIS and where it is today. He also showed us some unique maps, one of which was this wind map: and this other map showing real-time wind currents around the world:

We also continued with our air quality observations. The students shared their experiences in placing their sensors in and around San Diego. We had the opportunity to make some informal observations on the campus as well.

Next week we have a virtual chat with sensor guru and Senior Editor for Data News for WNYC, John Keefe. We are looking forward to getting his advice and insight! More updates to come!


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